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2/5/2011 05:07:51 am

Hi Just called via Rabbit Talk Your sites looking great - your bunnys are adorable - I especially like your choc & lilac! Best wishes with everything Emma

2/11/2011 07:04:11 am

Your rabbits are stunning, and nice website, good luck in future breeding.
if you have a minute please check out my website

2/16/2011 04:06:33 am

Hello Sarah You Have Lovely Bunnies I Would Love One From You One Day They Are Gawjus!!
Take Care
Abbie xx

2/21/2011 06:20:56 am

Awesome site! Come to mine!

2/27/2011 02:10:19 am

Great website, your bunnies are gorgeous! Really love your lilac otter, Lavender and your chocolate self, Alfie they are stunning!
Good luck with everything!
Grace x

2/28/2011 03:27:14 am

Hi Sarah,

All the new kits look stunning!! It's been really interesting watching all your rabbity developements over the months. I'm very pleased to say that our own little mini lops, Lavender and Tinkerbell, have settled in really well - so wonderful to have them at last!!!

All the best with the future.


3/1/2011 04:58:07 am

Hi just came across your website i think its great and your bunnies are all stunning I love your lilac otter girl. Best of luck for the future Sarah X

3/2/2011 09:25:07 pm

Hi ive been looking at your site
i see you have a iron grey butterfly mini lop is it still for sale as i have tried to email you with no joy.
Please can you get back to me asp.

3/3/2011 07:32:27 am

Really enjoyed looking around your site, you have some really stunning bunnies, I especially like the sable sealpoints.

3/5/2011 06:14:40 pm

Hey i love your website. Im looking for a rabbit and especially like the light fawn colour, Broken or unbroken :)

3/10/2011 02:03:31 am

Hello Sarah i love your orange mantle, He is stunning!! cant wait to see what his kits are going to be like proberly will get one :) Thanks Abbie x

3/10/2011 05:53:03 am

hiya great website
gorgeous bunnies!
please become a member of my website
thanks alot x

3/20/2011 09:54:57 pm

Hi Sarah

Lovely to meet you, your boys and your gorgeous rabbits yesterday. Love your set up and I cannot wait to pick up our little chinchilla buck on 1st April. We are trying to think of a suitable name now!

PS it was love at first sight when my husband saw my photos of him!

See you soon.

4/8/2011 05:12:38 am

Hi Sarah what a fab webby, your buns are stunning. Vicky x

Lucy Weller
5/13/2011 07:29:51 pm

Hi Sarah!

Just thought I'd give you an update on oscar. He has settled in really well and WOW what a character he is. He rules the roost at home and loves having a nose rub and goes all soppy. I couldn't have asked for a better bunny we all adore him! He comes in the house every night for a rampage and goes out in the garden every day and he is a very happy little boy.
Thank you so much!


5/29/2011 08:51:36 am

Lovin the Juniors page!!

6/2/2011 06:43:39 am

Hi Sarah just had a look through your site its lovely..... and Milo looks so gorgeous what a stunning boy he is....take care xxx

8/9/2011 07:26:28 am

Hi Sarah
All your bunnies are just so adorable i love looking at them on here :). Wanted to let you know that i have my second litter from Scarlet and Fox and she has had 8 this time, Dont know where she put them i couldn't believe there where so many. Hope you are well speak soon.
Hannah x

5/27/2012 12:21:23 am

hi just looked at your pictures i am know going to get 2 mini lops will keep an eye out for your litter sheila cornwall

7/16/2012 08:15:32 pm

Thanks so significantly for sharing all of the awesome info! I am looking forward to checking out a lot more posts!

7/16/2012 09:42:22 pm

your rabbits are lovely keep many myself the are such beautifull little pets

12/17/2012 12:29:48 am

I just purchased the little one eared doe, we have named her Loppy, she is super cute and soooo cuddly already. Sarah was a great help and I will definitely be buying from her in the future if I am ever allowed anymore bunnies! I would recommend Devon Mini Lops to anyway :)

Thanks so much Sarah,
Alice x


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